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Four Decades Defending Our Country This July, Banks Power celebrates 40 years of designing and providing turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines for military water craft and wheeled vehicles. I’m not supposed to know where they go and what they do. But I do know that some very brave people deploy with them. A few of those, I’m honored to say, ... Read more about this post

Happy Birthday America Today America is 240 years old. Here’s a collection of Gale’s posts that illustrates just how great our country is. Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone! Honey…I’m Home! Is the coffee on? Only Gearheads could come up with an aircraft like this! Go for a ride in a VTOL Harrier! The landing is worth waiting for! I promised ... Read more about this post

Dateline June 29, 2016. Moraine, Ohio – Magic happened today and I got be there…! The final special machining operation on the first full production run of Banks 866T base engines is complete! These Dmax folks are something special, I’m humbled by their professionalism and their friendship. July will be a big deal for our Defense Engine Division, Banks Technologies as we start initial production of our Banks 866T engines for ... Read more about this post

Three Little Eco Diesels All In A Row… Hey everybody, meet the sons of VM Motori. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel in the foreground, Ram 1500 Eco Diesel in the Ford-F100 and The Banks 630T 302 hp, 514 lbft with our 6-Speed Auto, on the right. The Ram block is unique to the truck and is different than the Jeep and our Banks ... Read more about this post

Look Ma! No Turbos – The Hot Rod Project hits the Dyno! As we prepare for ‘First Fire’ on our 427″ Twin Turbo Gen 1, SBC, I’ve decided to also make this a dyno series highlighting a new way to predict your engines power potential…we’re going to read MAD, Manifold Air Density on our new iDash Display. As a result we’ve stripped the turbos and installed a pair ... Read more about this post

Nasty Sounding Blower…Why Not, We’re Going Drag Racin’! The plan is to be testing in our 272″ Sidewinder Diesel Top Dragster mid-September. We’re running Blown with zoomie headers till we’ve found the best size blower and overdrive, then the zoomies go away and we add two large turbos. A turbo on each bank, and they’ll be blowing the blower, of course! The engine ... Read more about this post

Hey, Eco Boost Owners, my guys are getting clever and I’m loving it! I was nosing around my EE department over the weekend, all by my self, and I came across this. It appears to be the Lab View driven programmer and tester for a new Eco Boost family of tuners code named “Derringer”…it’s a hide out device that fits inline and requires no reflash of your ECU. It ... Read more about this post

Our Straight-Shot Water/Meth Injection can do some very cool things! Check out our nozzle pattern in the manifold plenum area. This is for the Hot Rod 427 Small Block Gen1 Twin Turbo project. There are 8 nozzle locations which we will control as a 2 stage and modulated progressive flow rate system. The final parts are due from Vintage Air today, we are very close ... Read more about this post

Good Things Come In Threes! We have designed a new Big Pin Stroker crank, a totally new rod bearing diameter and a new long con rod design, all for our new Banks 870T2B, Duramax V8. It’s our intent to use this improvement everywhere from NHRDA Top Dragster and Pro Stock Truck to Baja Trophy Truck, Bonneville Diesel Streamliner and Marine ... Read more about this post

Episode #8: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car Episode #8: Completion and testing Jay Leno’s Tank Car is just one of several high profile development programs ongoing in the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering labs. Read more about this post