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Performance Diesel 101 – Gale Banks Engine Balancing Balancing an engine allows it to run smoother, get better mileage, and last longer. But how is it done? The experts at Banks Balancing Service (BBS) took a moment out of their busy schedule to show us the procedure and answer our questions. By John Stewart No one in their right mind would put new tires on ... Read more about this post

Diesel Performance – Upgrading Instrumentation Gauges quantify temperatures, speeds and pressures to reveal what part of a powertrain may be in jeopardy, help tune for power, and get better mileage. Unfortunately, even the newest cars and trucks tend to have inadequate instrumentation, or gauges that function as idiot lights. By John Stewart Gauges protect your investment. They quantify temperatures, speeds and pressures ... Read more about this post

Air Density – The Key to Making Power Understanding air density explains why some air-flow products work better than others. It all has to do with air pressure, air temperature, and the relationship between them. By John Stewart You may have heard that professional drag race teams prefer cool, clear days-and sea-level altitudes. It’s the kind of situation that lets them tune for a little ... Read more about this post

Diesel Performance – The Dyno Tool Ever wonder why different dynos yield different numbers? There is a wide variety of dynos in use, designed with different capabilities, ratings and purposes. Some are more repeatable than others. In many ways, the type of dyno an engineering company uses defines its capabilities. It also says a lot about their standards. By John Stewart Real dynos need ... Read more about this post

Being Dense Makes Sense We’ve talked about how an intercooler works and the importance in the ballance of airflow and density for real performance. But what is density, and why is it important? Find out why being dense… makes sense. By John Espino Unlike gasoline engines that throttle by air, a diesel engine throttles by fuel. Therefore, a diesel computer tuner ... Read more about this post

Dyno Bound Here’s something that’s been a part of Gale Banks Engineering history almost since its inception, just now it is going to get bigger, newer power. By John Espino There are a few things in this motor-driven world that get folks excited about the automotive biz. I mean there were some dandy headlines this week about two eco-friendly ... Read more about this post

Epic Cooling 101 When it comes to designing an intercooler, it’s a balancing act where things could topple if it’s not done right. By John Espino The other day we here at Gale Banks Engineering saw an ad from a competitor that touted how great their intercooler was, and that it out flowed our Banks Techni-Cooler intercooler in particular. That ... Read more about this post

Products for the Past and Present and for Safety Whether your truck is long in the tooth or brand spankin’ new, we’ve got products for it. Read on to see how Banks Power can make old trucks and new ones run oh so much better. Plus, read on to learn the story of how a Banks product helped keep a family from meeting an ... Read more about this post

Wastegate Actuator Magic and the Jay Leno Tank Car Manual How much do you want to know about wastegates and variable geometry turbos? Lots? Then give this a read. Plus, gain some insight into the engine that powers Jay Leno’s crazy behemoth known as the tank car. There’s HOT ROD POWER TOUR info too! By John Espino By-Pass: Better out than in A couple of weeks ago ... Read more about this post

New and Strange Powers for the Banks iQ Some great things are coming out for the Banks iQ. Read on and see why this device just keeps getting better and better. By John Espino I’m so jazzed about what we’re doing with the Banks iQ that, well… I have to share. I’m not going to go into too much detail now, but know that some ... Read more about this post