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Banks Twin Turbo Trike…yes a Trike. This Banks Twin Turbo 1115hp and 900+ lbft Trike is… absolutely sick and wrong! It shipped to someone far braver than me!       The Banks 375″ SBC Twin-Turbo dynoed at 1115 hp and 940 lbft, we backed it down to 800hp for the trike. This Chassis Dyno session was done in my absence, we redoubled our safety ... Read more about this post

Worlds Fastest Pickup Truck I just had a flash, we’ve held Worlds Fastest Diesel Pickup record at 222 mph for almost 15 years. Where’s the competition, the Banks Dakota Sidewinder is resting in the NHRA Motorsports Museum and it’s jonesing for a go! It pulls a trailer too, ya know! Gale Banks Read more about this post

Banks TorqueTubes Banks TorqueTubes Manifold Assemblies fresh off the line. This manifold system removes flow restrictions on the exhaust side of the engine. In addition it helps amp up the engineโ€™s torque peak making it more efficient, providing better fuel economy, durability and most importantly, torque, which pulls you up the hill without back shifting. Banks TorqueTubes ... Read more about this post

Faster Than A Syclone Here’s Bill Goldberg’s show covering our attempt to beat ourselves at Bonneville. Around 1990 we set the Worlds Fastest Pickup record at Bonneville with a two way of 204mph and a best mile of 210. Our racer was named the Syclone. A street truck of the same name followed shortly. In the early 2000’s we returned to ... Read more about this post

Small Block – Big Deal News Flash! This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Small Block Chevrolet V8! A few months ago Hot Rod Magazine asked me to build an engine in celebration of that…WOW! What an Honor! I love Hot Rod Magazine, so this an emotional and prideful thing they have asked of me. The people there now are ... Read more about this post

Photos from the Banks Power World HQ Once in a while we like to show you some of the inner workings of Banks Power. People don’t realize that we have a campus full of great things such as our Power House, Pipe Shop, the CNC-Group, Sales and many more. So what I’m going to show you are just a few photos of ... Read more about this post

One Blower, 2 Turbos… One Blower, 2 Turbos, ram tuned Banks intake manifold with a water coupled cupro-nickel intercooler inside, big pin billet stroker, and CNC big valve heads and you’ve got the 427″ Gale Banks SuperTurbo 900hp prototype diesel marine V8. That’s a lot of words just to say Blower on top…Party in the back!!! Gale Banks   Read more about this post

2,200 horsepower in our APBA K-Jet program The boat groups are asking me about the early turbo work at my company, so here are some engine visuals from the 1970’s. There’s been some dialog about our power output with turbos compared to others at that time. I’m covering the whole story in my series, “Turbocharging is the life for me”. But I ... Read more about this post

Another Hooniverse Podcast with Gale Banks So I did my second Hooniverse podcast with Jeff and Chris yesterday! It goes up next Wednesday August 5th. These guys Rock and they tolerated my alacrity and choice of subject. We talked about Turbos, my Straight-Shot water/meth injection, cold Ram-Air, intercoolers and other air density machines, plus our AutoMind, diesel and gas tuning. We ... Read more about this post

Waving the Checkered Flag As one of the original members of the Checkered Flag 200, I’ve gladly supported the Petersen Automotive Museum for 22 years. Currently the Petersen is undergoing a makeover… it’s a makeover of the highest order, and today I was invited to come over and see how it’s going. We all met in the Petersen Boardroom and ... Read more about this post