Made in the USA – Top Alcohol Funny Car

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme’s last funny car provided the basis for the Banks powered “Made In The U.S.A.” Top Alcohol Funny Car. Initial testing was run on gasoline and at the time it became the fastest gas class car running. NHRA eventually banned turbocharging in the Alcohol Funny Car category, ending this program.

The team of Banks, Leslie, and McLaughlin  developed this twin-turbocharged Funny Car. Targeting the Top Alcohol class in NHRA, the funny car featured a Gale Banks 500 ci aluminum big block engine with Pontiac Big Chief cylinder heads. It was equipped with a Banks designed dual-Dominator blow-through carburetor configuration and a Banks designed custom variable geometry turbine – both firsts of  their kind. At a nominal 1,800 hp the funny car was the quickest gas burning drag race car at the time.

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Warming the tires
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