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Project Sidewinder Gets 21.2 MPG Fuel economy tests show the Sidewinder Dakota achieving 21.24 MPG. And it drove the full length of the Hot Rod Power Tour! Project Sidewinder consistently exceeds its objectives as we continue to drive and test “The Beast”. One of our stated objectives was to get 20 MPG on the highway with the modified, high-performance 5.9L Cummins ... Read more about this post

Project Sidewinder Beats Corvette Project Sidewinder Smokes ’em In Las Vegas While returning from the Bandimere Diesel Drags in Denver, Colorado, the Sidewinder went to Las Vegas for the Association of Diesel Specialists Trade Show, a trade only affair held at the Mirage Hotel & Casino July 31 – August 2. En route, Sidewinder crew chief Sheldon Tackett stopped at ... Read more about this post

Diesel Performance article from SEMA Diesel: the performance option embraced by enthusiasts With modern diesel vehicles becoming cleaner, quieter and more powerful, the performance diesel market is expected to take off in the coming years. The heavy-duty pickup truck market is already dominated by performance-seeking enthusiasts who opt for the diesel package, but it is the light-duty vehicle segment that will ... Read more about this post

Project Sidewinder’s vs. Ferrari Enzo How does the Sidewinder Dakota stack up against one of the “Greatest Ferraris of all time”?  Vehicle  FERRARI ENZO  BANKS SIDEWINDER  Country of origin  Italy  USA  Type  Two-door, two-passenger sport coupe  Two-door, two-passenger sport truck  Introduction  2002 Paris Motorshow  2002 Bonneville World Finals  Engine  Displacement  6.0 liter (366 cid)  5.9 liter (359 cid)  No. of cylinders  12  6  Fuel system  Bosch Motronic fuel injection  Bosch/Cummins common rail direct injection  Induction  Naturally aspirated  Holset variable-geometry turbo with Banks controller  Valvetrain  4 valves/cyl, DOHC  4 valves/cyl, cam-in-block  Compression ratio  11.2:1  15.1:1  Horsepower  660  735  Torque  485  1300  Max ... Read more about this post

Project Sidewinder Goes to the Salt Try getting a pickup truck, with the aerodynamics of a brick, to go 222 MPH with a diesel engine. Banks did, and kept it street drivable too. After day and night thrashing to get ready, Project Sidewinder rolled onto the Salt on October 17, 2002, not on a trailer, but towing its own spare parts trailer, ... Read more about this post

Project Sidewinder Objectives Here’s what Banks Power set out to do with this racing venture. Goals To establish Cummins compression ignition technology as powerful, clean, quiet, efficient and desirable – something the consumer wants in a light-duty truck or sports utility vehicle. To position the brands of Cummins Engine Company, Holset Turbo and New Venture Gear as the technology leaders in ... Read more about this post