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Banks Exhaust Brake Bringing Your Diesel-Powered Hauler Down to a Manageable Speed with the Help of Banks Engineering We’ve all seen those runaway truck ramps that the department of transportation has installed near the bottoms of some of the steeper grades that are part of America’s complex highway system. These ramps are built of soft gravel and as a ... Read more about this post

Banking on Power of Diesel Gale Banks’ goal is to push his diesel-powered Dodge Dakota to speeds up to 210 mph at the World Finals at Bonneville Flats in October. AZUSA — Gale Banks hopes that in five weeks, he’ll be driving the fastest sport pick-up truck in the world to work daily. Banks is president of Banks Engineering, an after-market ... Read more about this post

Diesel Land Speed Record — Goal of Project Sidewinder 210+ mph in Dodge Dakota … illustrating diesel as a performance engine … 600 hp out of 5.9L With an eye on a new diesel land speed record, Gale Banks Engineering has developed the Cummins-powered project Sidewinder Dodge Dakota. The attempt at the record will be during Bonneville Speed Week this August, as well as the ... Read more about this post

Truckin’ & Trailerin’ Test of Banks Brake & Banks SmartLock trans brake for Ford Power Stroke turbo-diesel trucks. Reader and horseman Hal Denton of Sonora, Calif., tested the Banks Brake and SmartLock (left) systems. Read on for his results. The benefits of exhaust braking, an update on our long-term road-test, and the scoop on a hot new product One of the ... Read more about this post

Airflow Horsepower Review of Banks PowerPack system for GM’s 454-cid Vortec trucks. A typical Banks Engineering PowerPack® for gasoline-burning engines, such as GM’s 454-cid model, consists of a low-restrictive Dynaflow muffler, a pair of stainless-steel TorqueTubes, Ram-Air air cleaner, and other related components. The TorqueTubes not only boast an extra-thick 5/8-inch flange that prevents warping and eliminates the need ... Read more about this post

Power Stroke Muscle On-the-road testing for more power, torque and better fuel economy for Ford Power Strokes… Dyno testing was conducted on Banks’ computerized chassis dyno. Testing begins at a simulated 71 mph at 3,200 rpm with the torque converter manually locked in third gear. The dyno then pulls the engine down in 200-rpm increments, each lasting 8 seconds, ... Read more about this post

How to Buy a Used Super Duty Tips and trivia about Ford’s big pickup Super Duty. The name itself conjures images of one helluva tough truck, right? Ever since Ford unleashed it on the world back in 1998 (has it only been that long?), the Super Duty has quickly become a favorite among hard-core truck users. It’s easy to understand why. In a world ... Read more about this post

Give Me A Brake Banks Engineering turns its attention from “Go” power to “Whoa” power with a new exhaust brake lineThe Grapevine. It’s a section of California’s Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles, that snakes its way through the mountains like an asphalt serpent—miles of undulating interstate with 6-percent grades, wind gusts that sometimes are strong enough to topple ... Read more about this post

Big Red Banks PowerPack system boosted the engine’s output by more than 100 horsepower on this ’95 F-250… In some ways, Jason McKrill, of Elkhart, Indiana, is no different from anyone else. He’s built his deep-red ’95 F-250 to be a perfect reflection of what he thinks a great four-wheeler ought to be. Where he is different, though, ... Read more about this post

Spring Break Diesel Upgrades Installation & evaluation of Banks Sidewinder turbo system on a 6.2L diesel Blazer. With the Banks system, the exhaust from the manifold on the driver side flows forward (towards the radiator) around the front of the engine to meet up with the new passenger-side manifold. This crossover tucks up along the oil pan of the engine ... Read more about this post