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V-10 Power! Maximize Ford’s Triton V-10 Output with Banks’ PowerPack System This shot of Gale Banks’ PowerPack® kit shows the non-electronic components included in the system. The torque Tube exhaust manifolds (tubular headers) flow through a special Y-connector, which flows through a 3.5-inch exhaust pipe and on through Banks’ DynaFlow muffler. Also included is a high-flow K&N FilterCharger ... Read more about this post

Up the Power Ante on the Triton V-10 Banks Engineering Comes to the Rescue with Banks PowerPack for Ford’s Triton V-10 engine… Ford’s Triton V-10 engine is a real powerhouse for gas engine truck owners. Although not quite as torquey as a diesel, this gas V-10 engine does make some pretty impressive numbers. The horsepower is 310 at 4,250 rpm, and the torque checks ... Read more about this post

Sideways Into the Record Book Banks sets new world speed record with the Sidewinder diesel pickup… “I’ll kick your ass on straight diesel” 217.314 Miles Per Hour Quick Specs: Engine type: 5.9-liter 1-6 Turbo boost: 48 psi Max output: 735 horsepower Max torque: 1300 lb-ft Think you have a fast pickup truck? Are you convinced the big brute in your garage is at the top of the food ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks Engineering Winning Systems for Trucks, SUVs & Motor Homes Although Gale Banks Engineering is one of many companies making performance exhaust systems, it takes a “systems approach” to improving horsepower, torque and fuel mileage for a niche market that includes gasoline- and diesel-powered light trucks, sport/utility vehicles and motor homes. Banks offers a variety of upgrades that ... Read more about this post

Banks Sidewinder Rattles Bonneville Project Sidewinder’s goal is to break the Land Speed Record for any pickup, any class, gas or diesel… Banks Sidewinder: The Inside Scoop The Anatomy of the Sidewinder Gale Banks is known for producing performance power systems for both gas and diesel engines. Banks engineering’s reliable performance products are tested and proven at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where ... Read more about this post

Flat Out on the Salt Inside Gale Banks’ 200-MPH Dakota Land-Speed Record Holder Gale Banks wants to change your mind about diesel engines-and he’s going about it in a pretty spectacular way. The Dakota pickup you see here was clocked in excess of 222 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. In doing so it set international speed records for production-based pickup trucks. ... Read more about this post

PowerPack Comprehensive Banks system adds power and performance to the 8.3-liter Cummins ISC… Banks PowerPack® TLC can boost power in the Cummins ISC from 350 to 431 hp measured at the flywheel. The stock turbine housing was replaced with Banks Quick-Turbo turbine housing and BigHead wastegate actuator (shown above with the original compressor housing). The ISC baseline engine performance ... Read more about this post

Holy Smokeless!    Here’s one for the run-whatcha-brung record books. And we do mean record books. Last October 17, with the Bonneville Nationals World Finals already well underway at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, the crew from Gale Banks Engineering pulled in after driving all night from their headquarters in Azusa, Calif. They unhitched the trailer from their Dodge ... Read more about this post

Banks Sidewinder: The World’s Fastest Pickup! Gale Banks Engineering’s Project Sidewinder is the fastest pickup truck on the planet. And it’s a diesel! Don’t tread on this snake. Gale Banks Engineering’s Project Sidewinder is the fastest pickup truck on the planet. And it’s a diesel! Sidewinders are well known for their unique form of locomotion. These venomous predators travel quickly and efficiently over ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks Engineering’s Banks Brake and Transmission SmartLock Gale Banks Engineering’s Banks Brake and Transmission SmartLock The reasons to add some additional braking power to your Power Stroke have been well documented in past issues of the PSR Magazine. With no throttle-valve restriction in the intake system as on a gasoline-powered truck, a Diesel engine is a free-flowing (air) pump that lets air out ... Read more about this post