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Banks “Rat Rod” Shop Truck How the Banks Race Shop modified its twin-turbo “Rat Rod” pickup for the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour The Banks Race Shop crew is hard at work getting five high-performance trucks ready to drive on Hot Rod’s Power Tour. One of them is Banks’ “Rat Rod.” It has recently gone under the knife to better ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks Engineering to Road-Race GM Diesel Pickup Gale Banks is out to prove diesel engines are capable of high performance, and he’s proving it one racing venue at a time. Gale Banks Engineering is going road-racing with a twin-turbocharged diesel-powered truck. The diesel engine produces more than 800 lb.-ft. of torque at under 2,500 rpm. In 2003, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a Banks ... Read more about this post

Torque Tough Banks’ billet torque converter takes on big diesel power   The Banks Billet Torque Converter is designed to withstand the stresses of high-torque diesel engines. A detailed eight-page installation manual is provided with the torque converter, but we followed Banks’ advice and had it done at a professional shop. I have to admit to getting a certain thrill ... Read more about this post

A Kick In The Gas Improving your old 460 Ford’s torque and power with a Gale Banks PowerPack system Shown is our test vehicle–a 1996 Ford F-350 dually powered by a 460-cubic-inch (7.5-liter) V-8.  Installing a Banks PowerPack® System should help its horse-toting owner, Sara Henson, on the freeways. It seems gasoline-powered trucks haven’t gotten much attention lately. That is, since the ... Read more about this post

Hopping Up the Turbodiesel Dispelling the smoke about black, sooty smoke—and how to obtain maximum continuous, useable power from a diesel.   Shown is Banks’ new Techni-Cooler, larger boost tubes, and High-Ram intake on a Ford 6.0-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel. These Banks airflow and density improvements allow for 25-35% more power at the same exhaust gas temperatures. Last month, we discussed ... Read more about this post

Dynamometers: Fact or Fantasy How to get factual horsepower and torque numbers using dynamometers—and why inertia dynos are dyno jokes! How do you get factual horsepower and torque? There are two ways. One is constant-speed, full-load engine dynamometer testing. Worldwide, this is the accepted method of developing an engine’s power and torque ratings and most closely duplicates diesel’s historic use–hauling ... Read more about this post

Riding the Big Hoss How Banks Gets More Horses from a Ford F-250 Power Stroke Think of your diesel truck as a sleeping giant. It’s amazing how docile it may seem. But poke it with a stick, and you’ll really rile that truck into action. That’s been the approach of Gale Banks, who’s pulled more power out of diesel engines ... Read more about this post

Banks Goes Camping Camping World is a nationwide certified dealer and installer of Banks Power Systems. Camping World is a nationwide certified dealer and installer of Banks Power Systems. Camping World technicians have been trained and certified through an extensive Banks educational program for high-quality standards and to bring the RV experience to a whole new level. In addition ... Read more about this post

Turbodiesel Tow Rigs To Go No wonder diesel light truck sales have nearly tripled in only 10 years! Well, that was then. Today’s turbodiesels are much quieter than those of even a few years ago. Have you heard a diesel lately? If you haven’t, it’s because the clatter (and the smoke) is virtually gone.We all know the scenario. You’re on the ... Read more about this post

Turnkey Power In Your Mailbox Guide to Crate Engines & Blocks What it is: Next-Generation Complete Twin-Turbo 366ci small-block engines Some details: They have CNC-machined aluminum front assemblies and low-profile aluminum air plenums with Banks’ exclusive shuttle valve technology. Oh, and…: As delivered, the engines are capable of 1,100 hp. What it’ll cost you: Retail price is $37,995. Also: They are fully assembled, balanced, and ... Read more about this post