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Personal Diesel Assistant Banks iQ Takes Diesel Tuning to the Next Level When Banks Engineering unleashed its Big Hoss Bundle diesel performance packages for today’s diesel pickups, it turned the diesel tuning world upside down with a systematic approach to safely improving performance. Not content to merely feed more fuel to a diesel engine, Banks developed a matched set ... Read more about this post

The Toughest Terrain on the Planet Gale Banks himself hits the dirt as a driver in the Baja 1000 We Race the Baja 1000 in a 6.0L Super Duty Editor’s Note:The Baja 1000 is the world’s most famous off-road race. It’s held every year in Mexico on the Baja peninsula, just south of San Diego, California. It’s a race that started as a ... Read more about this post

Making Big Diesel Power A 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab 4×4 gets a Big Hoss Bundle — with the new Banks iQ! Project: Heavy Metal Finding the perfect new truck is never easy. In our case it was even more of a challenge because we needed one that could do it all. From daily driver to chase truck to ... Read more about this post

Project Titan Bolt-on Performance Upgrades After we packed our project Titan with power-adding goodies, we decided to test them out while patrolling the dunes at the annual Thanksgiving convergence at Glamis, California. Having the extra power underhood helped us to rescue this stuck driver. Nissan’s entry into the competitive fullsize American pickup arena hasn’t escaped our notice. Between driving ... Read more about this post

Pump The Power Installing a Full Banks PowerPack on a Ford F-350 As the loads we’ve asked our trucks to haul have gotten larger and heavier, tow vehicles have had to become more powerful and fuel efficient to be able to safely and economically tow these heavy loads. As we walk the boat ramps, the other places where trucks ... Read more about this post

Rough ‘N’ Ready…A Rat Rod With a Twin-Turbo Imagine driving a 1,100 hp, Twin-Turbo sport truck This was no feverish dream, but one hell of an adrenaline-pumping ride for two incredible days. It all took place last spring after an invite from Gale Banks Engineering to join Hot Rod magazine’s Power Tour 2005. This event has been held once a year since 1995, crisscrossing the ... Read more about this post

Riding The Big Hoss How Banks Gets More Horses From A Ford F-250 Power Stroke Think of your diesel truck as a sleeping giant. It’s amazing how docile it may seem. But poke it with a stick, and you’ll really rile that truck into action. That’s been the approach of Gale Banks, who’s pulled more power out of diesel engines ... Read more about this post

The Wild Bunch Can a diesel-powered off-road rig also be a hot rod? And a fuel-efficient highway cruiser to boot? WHO KNEW? A diesel-powered off-road rig can also be a hot rod? And a fuel-efficient highway cruiser to boot? Well, Gale Banks knew; that’s for sure. His company, Gale Banks Engineering, has a new Sidewinder All-Terrain package that is ... Read more about this post

Diesel Power For Decades, Fringe Hot Rodders Have Been Predicting a High-Performance Diesel Revolution. It Turns Out They Were Right. Expect Diesels to Be Smoking Musclecars at a Track Near You. It’s like an eyewitness account of Jabba the Hutt showing up to an NFL training camp and running the 40 in 3.9 seconds. Poppycock! Aside from being ... Read more about this post

Fuel for Thought The future of automotive propulsion may already be here, waiting at your local truck stop. But that was then. Things are very different now. I recently visited my pal Gale Banks, who helped update me on the state of the modern diesel. Banks is a veteran hot rodder who has several land speed records to his ... Read more about this post