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Speed Demon Speed Demon Puts Pedal to Metal on Alternative Fuel Gale Banks always had the need for speed. Whether hurtling 200 mph across the Bonneville Salt Flats in a test car or starting for Team Donahue 2005 in the Baja 1000, improving engine performance is always high on the agenda of the president and fonder of Gale Banks ... Read more about this post

Uncork Your Jeep Cold air intake and high-flow exhaust systems are quick avenues to boosting your Jeep’s horsepower and torque output Cold air intake and high-flow exhaust systems are quick avenues to boosting your Jeep’s horsepower and torque output Believe it or not, the internal combustion engine has changed little in the 100-something years it’s been in existence. Oh, there ... Read more about this post

Pony Up Banks Big Hoss Gets More Giddyup from a Ford F-250 Power Stroke Mention diesel to most folks and what comes to mind is a big, slow, smelly rig, the vehicular equivalent under the hide of that Clydesdale is actually a racehorse stamping its feet, ready to stampede right out of the stable. Just ask Gale Banks, who’s ... Read more about this post

Power Guru 50 Years of Fast Times and Weird Science with Gale Banks SoCal is a Petri dish for breeding subcultures, and in central L.A. County you’ll find holy ground for two of them. The flats surrounding Azusa were the original Mecca of drag racing, containing the legendary strips of Irwindale, San Gabriel and Pomona. Most are gone ... Read more about this post

Leno’s Turbo Tank More of an art project that a real car … check out one the most famous vehicles in Jay’s collection … Ever see the Blastolene? Built by Randall Grubb as more of an art project that a real car, it was purchased a few years ago by Jay Leno and actually driven around his Burbank, California, ... Read more about this post

Road-Racing Diesels Diesels are coming fast, and Gale Banks wants to lead the charge Transmission This is all race dress. After a lot of trial and error, Banks settled on a Weismann Quickshift six-speed transmission that uses an internal oil pump and external oil cooler. All they’ll tell us about the clutch is that it’s “experimental”. The bellhousing is ... Read more about this post

FAST ON MOTORSPORTS Perception and misconceptions Wheelspin! That’s the everlasting, first impression of diesel forever burned into my personal bio hard drive. I should explain how a once in a lifetime experience, fed with large doses of adrenaline, permanently tweaked my perception. Gearheads possess an innate need to occasionally destroy large quantities of rubber molecules. Smoky burnouts (particularly ... Read more about this post

Knowledge Equals Power Instrumentation Basics for your Diesel Chances are you have an interest in taking care of your diesel engine because unless it’s a small car, the option price was in the thousands pf dollars over and above any standard gas engine. Modern electronics go a long way to preservation, but keeping an eye on that pricey power ... Read more about this post

Transfer of Power Banks Billet Torque Converter Tough Enough for Big Diesel Power. As diesel power is increased through performance upgrades, it is often the torque converter that is not up to the task.  Incidents of torque converter failure are further increased as hauling and towing loads get heavier. A torque converter’s job is to provide a fluid coupling that ... Read more about this post

Brake Down An Exhaust Brake Primer and Products Those new to diesel engines quickly learn that the absence of an intake throttle plate and different valve timing relative to a gasoline engine results in no vacuum and little compression braking. The retarding difference is far greater between gas and diesel than between carbureted and fuel-injected gas engines, despite ... Read more about this post