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Gale Banks Engineering pushes to make vehicles more powerful, fuel efficient Gale Banks Engineering pushes to make vehicles more powerful, fuel efficient High fuel prices have many business owners worried about their rising expenses and customers who have far less money to spend. Then there is Gale Banks Engineering of Azusa, where the product line might be in even greater demand now than before. The company is part ... Read more about this post

Rampage Jackson’s ’08 Ford Mixed martial arts hero, Rampage Jackson, took his ‘08 Ford Super Duty to Banks Engineering and had it fully worked over from head to tail. QUINTON “RAMPAGE” JACKSON IS A NAME WELL KNOWN TO FANS of mixed martial arts. A hero in the now-defunct Pride fighting world in Japan, Rampage is currently the light heavyweight champion ... Read more about this post

No smoke with fire Smoke free, high efficiency diesel engines are Gale Banks Engineering’s specialty. We look at how the company progressed to become the undisputed leaders in the field. To understand where native Southern Californian Gale Banks is going, it’s necessary to know where he’s come from. His Gale Banks Engineering company, now in its 50th year of operation, ... Read more about this post

Engineer Banks Strives To Sip Fuel, Burn Rubber For the past 25 years, Gale Banks has been a prophet in the wilderness for the fuel efficiency of diesel engines. His business has always been in the drag strips, salt flats and gearhead garages of Southern California. But for the past 25 years, Gale Banks, CEO of Gale Banks Engineering, also has been a prophet ... Read more about this post

Clean Speed Banks Sidewinder S10Diesel Power Magazine takes a look inside the world’s quickest and fastest diesel pickup. A few years ago, Gale Banks got a deal he couldn’t refuse on a Don Ness-built Pro Stock Chevy S-10. The truck had a full tube chassis and a unique swingarm rear suspension with excellent torque handling capabilities. It had even been ... Read more about this post

One On One With Gale Banks Straight Talk With the Man Largely Identified as the Creator of the Diesel Aftermarket Gale Banks is a hot rodder from the word go and is just as involved today as he was 50 years ago when he founded the company. But long before that he was a gearhead, and until this day he remains a ... Read more about this post

Power Broker Here’s a guy who’s done it all and done it well, and he has the records to prove it. You’ll find his name in the record books for building the fastest pickups on earth. This article features the Shop Truck, Gale’s 502SS, Sidewinder GMC Sierra, Sidewinder S-10, and the Sidewinder Dakota. One of the benefits of ... Read more about this post

Wally Parks: In the Words of Those Who Knew HIm This is one of many remembrances of the NHRA’s late Wally Parks which were published in the January 2008 edition of DRIVE! magazine. Wally Parks was a friend to thousands, and I am pleased to have been numbered among them. His gentlemanly demeanor was an example that I have tried hard to emulate in my career. ... Read more about this post

Project Horse Hauler: Banks Engineering Real-World Upgrades for Those Who Tow If your goal is to pull more weight more efficiently, and you are looking for more power and fuel efficiency in the process, where do you start? Project Horse Hauler is a 2004 Dodge dually fitted with the 24-valve Cummins diesel and an automatic. When you load down that 22-foot gooseneck horse trailer with four horses, ... Read more about this post

Efficient Breathing Banks’ Monster Exhaust System Upgrade for the ’07 Ford F-250. One way to improve the efficiency and power of your truck is to improve its exhaust flow. A high-performance after-cat exhaust system, such as the Monster exhaust from Banks Engineering in Azusa, California can increase the power and performance of your truck by eliminating backpressure and ... Read more about this post