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Blowin’ Smoke Rings on Pikes Peak! Waaaay to much water/meth and here’s what you get…A Banks Super-Turbo Detroit blowing smoke rings on a tuning run up the mountain! What’s cool about this is you can see the time between the cylinders firing as Mike Ryan comes off the turn under full throttle. It’s a Meet Mr. Wizard moment! Here’s visual proof that ... Read more about this post

There’s an Experiment Going on in Dyno Room 1 and it’s Not the Piece of Foam Dancing Around on the Dyno Room Floor! We’re doing some baseline runs in order to tune the WOT (wide open throttle) curves on our 427 V8 SBC (Small Block Chevy). This will ultimately be the Banks Twin-Turbo SBC that is going into something special that Hot Rod Magazine is working on to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the SBC.   Right now we are ... Read more about this post

Ok Folks, It’s Time For a Turbo History Lesson! Here’s our Banks twin turbo layout that was developed in our 67 Chevy panel truck, The White Tortilla. This picture is a slightly later version which used an R4 AC compressor which we added in 1977. The front drive is Banks as well and used V-belts. There was no Vintage Air and no flat belts ... Read more about this post

Fifty-six Years of Hanky Panky I’ll bet that Raymond Lowey has been spinning in his grave the last 25 years after seeing Gary Vail’s beautiful hot rod restoration on this Lowey design. Lowey’s ’53 Studebaker, Starlight Coupe changed the American automotive landscape. The little GEN 1 small block makes 3 per inch or 770hp at 9400rpm with a red line at ... Read more about this post

Banks Power Does Motorhomes Often when people think of Banks Power, they think of power improving products for diesel and gas trucks, Jeeps and even Volkswagen cars. Truth is we also offer some of the best power improvers for Class A and Class C motorhomes. Looking to improve the power and fuel economy of your big home on wheels? We ... Read more about this post

The Fight against The EPA´s Ban on Race Rigs Gains Steam! After the overreach of the EPA proposal to ban the conversion of street cars and trucks to race only rigs was discovered, the pushback is gaining ground. Recently, the White House’s “We the People” petition center received almost two times the required signatures, requesting that this outrage be stopped. The minimum required is just 1-million, to ... Read more about this post

Air Mods On the Move Today is a happy day for some folks. We’re shipping out a few pallet loads of air improvements. If you’re waiting for your intake and/or exhaust kit, it should soon be there. The quickest way to improve your vehicles power potential is to let it breath. A Banks Power intake and exhaust system is the best solution ... Read more about this post

2,000 hp in 1980… Were You Even Alive? Yep, that’s 36 years ago and we had been turbocharging for over 10 years at that point. Even though there was no roadmap we somehow found our way. The engine, based on one of our twin turbo marine builds is a 430″ Mark IV BBC sporting iron, open chamber, LS7 heads. Thanks to the inventive ... Read more about this post

#TBT…We Went to Pikes Peak With an Agenda Using turbocharging we wanted to go fast and learn how to make big power, with No Air. At 14,000′ we refined our turbo control knowledge, then we applied it where it really matters. The military. Read more about this 2500 HP Monster Freightliner HERE! Read more about this post

Diesel Army Takes Banks By Surprise! I had no idea that this article was coming… “Humvee Replacement Will Be Powered By Banks” The largest effort in our company’s history has resulted in our most important win, ever! And, we weren’t racing! The combined institutional knowledge of the thousands of people that have worked at Banks over the last 58 years lead to this win. I ... Read more about this post