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SEMA 2013 videos The guys at Power Automedia stopped by the Banks Power booth at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas and got Gale on camera talking about all sorts of cool stuff. Couldn’t make it to SEMA? Never fear! Check out these videos and you’ll feel like you were right there with Gale as he explains what ... Read more about this post

Motorweek interview with Gale Gale visits Goss’ Garage to bring us up to speed on his latest projects. Gale was interviewed by Pat Goss of “Goss’ Garage” on Motorweek recently. Topics included what changes are taking place in the diesel aftermarket, and how to the electronic engine controls play a part in that. Gale also fills us in on why ... Read more about this post

Humvee shootout on Motor Trend Motor Trend magazine took a stock Humvee and pitted it against a Banks-modified Humvee. Watch the video and see what a difference Banks makes! On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman pits an American icon against itself. Since 1984 AM General’s Humvee has served as the U.S. Military’s primary multipurpose workhorse. However, after adding ... Read more about this post

Diesel Army Goes Behind The Scenes With Gale Banks Diesel Army sits down with the mad scientist himself to find out what makes him tick. Written By Ken Freund, Photography By Author and Banks Power For more than half a century, Gale Banks has been making cars, trucks, and boats faster and more fuel efficient. Gale started his lifelong passion in 1956 at the young age ... Read more about this post

Popular Science Radio Gale Banks is in the studio with host Alan Taylor talking about the science behind how he puts so much power into an engine. Plus, the two discuss the new Ram 1500. Taken from the pages of the world’s largest science and technology magazine, Popular Science Radio delivers all the latest scientific news and product reviews. ... Read more about this post

School of Hot Rod Radio Gale went back to school… the School of Hot Rod that is! Check it out and hear what they talked about. In an all new hour of School of Hot Rod tomorrow, we’ll talk with the man responsible for record shattering speeds in automobile & truck classes: Gale Banks of Banks Power! Be sure to tune ... Read more about this post

Jalopnik says Banks on it In what may be the best article on Banks ever, Jalopink lists the “Ten Things To Know About The Man Who Beat The Veyron To 250+ MPH.” By Jason Torchinsky Gale Banks is one of those people who’s well-known in certain specialized circles, but still not as recognized as he deserves in the general auto-adoring population. Banks ... Read more about this post

Smoking Tire podcast Gale is a featured guest on the widely popular and often times, irreverent, Smoking Tire Podcast. Gale is a featured guest on the widely popular and often times, irreverent, Smoking Tire Podcast. And, this week joining Gale at the round table is Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal. Many across the country enjoy Neil’s Rumble ... Read more about this post

Hot Rodding-Aftermarket Pioneer Gale Banks spent an hour with turbo and diesel guru Gale Banks, one of the pioneers in the hot rod/aftermarket industry. He’s changing what we think about diesel power, turbocharging power and supercharging/turbocharging power especially in the world of diesel power.  In this segment, we talk about his youth, where he started Gale Banks Engineering and ... Read more about this post

Hooniverse Podcast The folks at Hooniverse are “devoted to a love of all things with wheels and an engine” so they sat down with Gale to talk about all things automotive. By Jeff Glucker, Hooniverse staff You love engines. You love engines that make supreme amounts of power. There’s a man who understands how to make engines that make ... Read more about this post