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Eco Diesel Don’t Care! This tough little welterweight can punch! In my first boxing lesson, Pop extended his right fist touching my chest, “You don’t punch to someone…you punch thru someone”. The thru punch came as he said the words and suddenly I was flat on my back! Boxing was a big deal when I was a kid. Back then, Rocky ... Read more about this post

Ford F-100 Eco Banks As a life long Hotrodder, engine swaps are a way of life. Huge engines in little cars or trucks, that’s the money! Improvements in social status were sure to follow, right? So, why is her dad holding that shotgun? Today, I’m turning the tables. Today, I’m leading the charge toward light weight high speed diesel. Fat ... Read more about this post

630T V6 3.0L Banks Diesel Engine This is my 630T V6 3.0L Banks Diesel Engine. It’s my high speed lightweight. We took out the Dmax LB7 and put one of them in the red dually. At 302hp and 505 lbft it matches the 6.6L Dmax!!! Gale Banks Read more about this post

Banks Needs Vehicles for Testing New Products at our Azusa, CA facility Our top Engineers are constantly developing new products for various platforms, but the reality is, we can’t always get a test vehicle in our shop. This is where you come in, we often will recruit the help of the general public to supply Banks Power with test vehicles for research and development. To get in on ... Read more about this post

Working on the Ford Eco Boost Applications Hey Ford Boys…You should like this! I got one too, oh yeah! This month I’m working on the Ford Eco Boost applications! We’ve already got AutoMind flash programming, our Ram-Air, cold air intake, our Straight-Shot water/meth injection and our Monster Exhaust finished, and that stuff rocks! Right now we’re working on our Technicooler upgrade for the liquid ... Read more about this post

This truck eats Corvettes for breakfast Hey guys, here’s a video of the Banks Sidewinder Dakota blowing off a C6 Corvette in a street race over in Vegas. There turned out to be a cop behind them…no ticket, he just wanted a look under the hood. Remember, the Dakota is geared for 222 mph at Bonneville! Beat a Corvette with a Cummins, I ... Read more about this post

Banks Twin Turbo Trike…yes a Trike. This Banks Twin Turbo 1115hp and 900+ lbft Trike is… absolutely sick and wrong! It shipped to someone far braver than me!     The Banks 375″ SBC Twin-Turbo dynoed at 1115 hp and 940 lbft, we backed it down to 800hp for the trike. This Chassis Dyno session was done in my absence, we redoubled our safety ... Read more about this post

Worlds Fastest Pickup Truck I just had a flash, we’ve held Worlds Fastest Diesel Pickup record at 222 mph for almost 15 years. Where’s the competition, the Banks Dakota Sidewinder is resting in the NHRA Motorsports Museum and it’s jonesing for a go! It pulls a trailer too, ya know! Gale Banks Read more about this post

Banks TorqueTubes Banks TorqueTubes Manifold Assemblies fresh off the line. This manifold system removes flow restrictions on the exhaust side of the engine. In addition it helps amp up the engine’s torque peak making it more efficient, providing better fuel economy, durability and most importantly, torque, which pulls you up the hill without back shifting. Banks TorqueTubes ... Read more about this post

Faster Than A Syclone Here’s Bill Goldberg’s show covering our attempt to beat ourselves at Bonneville. Around 1990 we set the Worlds Fastest Pickup record at Bonneville with a two way of 204mph and a best mile of 210. Our racer was named the Syclone. A street truck of the same name followed shortly. In the early 2000’s we returned to ... Read more about this post