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Gale Speaks (at SEMA)

Gale Banks will be speaking at the SEMA Show Education Days, On Monday, October 30, 2017 at 2:30pm, Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, Room N256 Already acknowledged as one of the “5 Must-Attend SEMA Show Education Sessions” Gale will present: “Building the Best Boosted Engines of Your Career”   Gale Banks, the “Godfather of Turbocharging,” will be teaching his new ...
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EcoDiesel Derringer – Hidden Power

Derringers are sought out for their small size that is easily concealed, yet deliver a powerful double punch. Today we installed a Banks Power Derringer in this 2016 Ram 3.0 EcoDiesel. Can you find it?   Not only is it hard to visually see, it leaves no footprint, meaning it leaves no trace, take it out and ...
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Banks Bullet for 3.0L EcoDiesels

Want More Power From Your EcoDiesel? Banks Power Has The Solution! The Banks Bullet for the 2014-2015 Ram 1500 and 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers owners of EcoDiesel powered vehicles the ability to select from three power levels: Stock, Tow and Sport, plus it reads boost or injection percentage. These power levels are adjustable on-the-fly. Dyno ...
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ROQ Crusher

Los Angeles, California, “The City of Angels”, is a place where millions of people come to turn their dreams into reality. If you can imagine it, it can happen in LA. Known to fans as “Lightning,” Jay Tilles no stranger to those dreams turned realities. As a longtime resident of Southern California and a radio ...
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Huffin & Puffin

Banks Power’s Bolt on TJ Turbo We are such big fans of turbochargers that you might be tired of hearing us talk about them. The fact is that a turbo can be a great way to build more power, and the inline Jeep engines are so overbuilt they can handle boost with no problems. Many people ...
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Growing up in SoCal during the post-WWII era was akin to living in a petri dish of hot rod innovation. Dotted across the L.A. metroplex was a cast of pioneers building a performance industry that continues to this day. Alex Xydias SoCal Speed Shop, Ed Iskenderian’s camshafts, Paul Shieffer’s clutches, Dean Moon’s equipment, George Barris’ ...
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Dragster Cooling System

A small horizontal radiator topped by a shrouded electric cooling fan is used on the Banks Sidewinder Top Dragster.  A very quiet, but very powerful, Stewart electric pump moves the coolant though the Sidewinder’s system.  Hardly “exotic,” good old distilled water (from the local supermarket) with a bottle of Redline “Water Wetter” mixed in (just ...
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Banks Powered OshKosh JLTV

The Humvee replacement is here, and it’s bad ass! This vehicle is the result of a years long design and test competition involving the biggest names in the defense and diesel engine industry. The Oshkosh JLTV has destroyed the competition. The staff at Banks Power, the exclusive engine supplier, has been deeply involved in the creation ...
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ROQ Crusher

Jay “Lightning” Tilles of KROQ fame brought us a bone-stock 2006 Duramax Dually which we transformed into the fire-breathin’ behemoth. When Jay Tilles (AKA Lightning from a local radio station called KROQ) called and asked if we could help him with his SEMA show truck, he was only expecting a few of our standard Power Products. Little did ...
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We’re Racing At Irwindale!

Pasadena Star-News Today 30 December 2017! Great job Tim Huddleston and Justice Brothers!
It’s been a big day for Santa, looks like he’s due for some sleep!
Only hours left for the 12 days of #Banksmas. Today was day 12, or as we like to say, #Jeep day. But, remember everything from all 12 days are still on sale. The sale, plus free shipping* for orders over $250, will run through tomorrow at 5PM Pacific.
Ford Yeah! Who gets the deals today, that’s right, it’s #FORD on Day 11 of #Banksmas! So what are you waiting for? Let’s power up that ride now, pick out the gifts for your #truck and help Santa out this year! Only 7 days until Christmas so order your #BanksPower products today! Save on Banks + Free Shipping on orders over $250*
Peter Manelis wanted a 240 MPH street car so he ordered one of my Twin Turbo GT Firebirds, the year was 1983. 

Since he lived at 5,800’ altitude in Johannesburg, South Africa, I decided on a 430” BBC with one of my liquid coupled Banks Marine Intercoolers on top. The ambient air density sucks at 5,800’ and I wanted to keep him happy, so high density ratio compressors and no Small Block in this one. 

He wanted a “Plain Jane” street car, kind of a sleeper, and I think we achieved that. But, this was a Pro Touring Tuner Car before we even had those terms!

He drove it to their National Speed Trials and ran 406 kph and drove it much for his “Sleeper” idea! That’s 252 mph in a street car, in 1983 folks!

God I love my job!
Gale Banks
Did you say Duramax? If you are Chevy / GMC / Duramax person then today is your day at #Banksmas 
Save big on the 10th day of #BanksPower for your truck! Remember Free Shipping on orders over $250!

Jay Leno’s Garage

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Take Five With Gale Banks

Gale gets asked all sorts of questions, including what was the first car he hot rodded, what meeting Mickey Thompson was like, what he wants his legacy to be … As a 72-year-old hot rodder who grew up in Los Angeles during the adolescence of our industry, one might expect Gale Banks to be a man ...
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This Just In From Jay Leno’s Garage

Gale takes the Sidewinder S-10 drag truck over to Jay Leno’s for some fun and burnouts. Burbank, California March 21, 2009 – When Jay Leno calls from the Big Dog Garage and asks: “What’s new?” No one jokes back: “New York, New Jersey, or New Brunswick.” What Gale Banks answered back was the news that his ...
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Jay Leno’s Ultimate Hot Rod

What happens when you leave a Korean War tank engine sitting too close to the hot rod that you parked over at Gale Banks Engineering? You’d think that a multi-ton, 800hp, 20 foot long polished aluminum roadster powered by a tank engine would be wild enough for consummate car guy and popular TV host Jay Leno, ...
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